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Stockmans Bank takes data protection, identity theft and customer privacy very seriously. We have many procedures in place to protect your data and we comply with all regulatory guidelines pertaining to privacy.

Access to Stockmans Bank’s online banking and app, are secured using multifactor authentication methods which help protect consumers from unauthorized electronic transactions, including electronic payments made under the bill pay service. Consumers are obligated to report any fraudulent activity as soon as possible for an investigation to be completed.

However, Regulation E does not protect non-consumer accounts, such as Trust, Partnerships, LLC’s, etc. Non consumers should take special consideration to review their security risk and offset it with appropriate security measures.

If you believe there is any suspicious activity on your account you may:

Online Banking

Security measures provided by Stockmans online banking services include:

Please create complex and difficult to guess passwords for your online banking accounts. Use letters, numbers and special characters.

Online banking customers are asked to provide three (3) Personal Verification Questions. These questions are to be used to issue a new password online (in the event you forget your original password). Personal Verification Questions are unique to each customer and are not accessible to anyone else. You must always keep your question private and avoid using questions that are easily guessed.

Stockmans Bank will not make an unsolicited request for your online banking credentials. These are private and should only be known by you. Do not share with friends or family.